How We Give


Atlanta is truly a magical city that is also plagued by a 22.4% poverty rate, which not only affects adults but at least 44% of those affected are children under the age of 5. Gender and racial wage gaps contribute to the large number of individuals and families who are living below the poverty level. Inequalities amongst schools in low income areas result in poor performance leaving students unequipped for successful lives as adults and fueling a cycle of poverty.


We are a for-people, for-purpose brand. We are committed to serving, impacting lives, and helping provide individuals, young and old, the necessary tools and opportunities to live successful and fulfilling lives. As a result, it will create a better and more positive community. Each piece purchased helps support the youth, the homeless, and the disadvantaged in the Atlanta metropolitan area through education, job training and opportunities, housing, meals, basic needs, funding and help to victims of social injustices, and so much more. We believe we all can help make a positive impact little by little.



At Bella Soul, you're not only supporting a small business, you are helping people in the community with varying disadvantages. We donate 5% of profits from each purchase to local and national non-profit organizations.